About Us

Charles Chehebar is the founder and president of the Dressage Collection.
An exceptional array of fine leather goods and accessories inspired by the elegance of the equestrian sport.  His sophisticated approach to design and marketing stems from a personal hands-on involvement and approach of the complete brand development process.  Working from the initial design stage to sampling and production development, he orchestrates the talent and handwork of the artisans creating these labors of love. From idea conceptualization to consumer interaction, Chehebar consistently maintains the emotional connection and engagement of his consumers. His genuine love and passion for his craft is not freestanding as his family has been in the accessory industry for over 30 years.
With his personal appreciation for luxury lifestyle products along with the experience of working within this category, he embraces modern technology combined with iconic heritage. His methodology has allowed him to interact and create meaningful relationships with the worlds finest craftsmen, artisans and suppliers.  Prior to the inception of the Dressage brand, the Chehebar family owned the legendary American brand, Ghurka and LeSportsac and managed top licenses such as Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld and many more.
Chehebar resides in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and 2 children, and finds great satisfaction 
in developing new beautiful products that many consider works of art.