About Dressage Collection

Inspired by the most prestigious and
elegant of Equestrian pedigree,
Dressage epitomizes the subtle yet masterful
control of detail and execution creating the
perfect balance of strength and beauty.
Defined by grace, harmony and balance,
it is an art form of control, diligence and stature
best described as poetry in motion.
The heritage of The Dressage Collection
embodies the finest combination of materials
and textures expertly crafted with precision
and passion.  With meticulous attention
to detail and artistry, each piece from
The Dressage Collection embodies the
iconic distinction and refined rhythm
which has become the legend of American
classic style and luxury.
Dedicated to the timeless tradition of spirit, and 
etched with eternal pride, it is with great honor
that we present......The Dressage Collection.